Katherine Heigl’s Wardrobe Malfunction Showing More Anatomy

Katherine Heigl started out in show business in the 1990’s. Since then, she has been the apple of men’s eyes because of her beautiful face and naturally curvy body. Because of this, men have waited for the chance to see more of her flesh. Fortunately or unfortunately, there have been times that she has fallen victim to clothing accidents. Check out this list of Katherine Heigl wardrobe malfunctions.

This was obviously a disaster. As you can see Katherine was so surprised that her dress dropped almost exposing her left breast.

Katherine looked so beautiful in the photo above wearing a simple tank top. However, there was one thing not right about it. Her bra was peeking.

Here she is looking so effortlessly pretty in an off-shoulder dress with her hair all made-up. She is just one gorgeous woman.

Here is more of that Katherine Heigl wardrobe malfunction from this list. Notice how she’s taking everything in stride while she knows the media is having a field day.

Oh she looks so amazingly beautiful here in this photo. However, if you look closely, you will see a malfunction happening with a sweat spot on her rib area.

Here is another one where Heigl is strutting along the red carpet. Her backside was seen all over in this horrible see-through skirt.

Here she seems to be enjoying some fun under the sun. Unfortunately, the actress did not seem to notice that her top has gone too low.

This is the kind of beauty Heigl has that every man has been talking about. She looks absolutely beautiful in this dress.

In one of the most embarrassing moments, Heigl was supposed to take off her skirt. However, her under pants came off too giving fans a view of her behind.

Another photo of the beautiful actress this time with her lucky husband, musician, Josh Kelley. She has him to over her if a wardrobe malfunction happens.

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