Jellyfish Facts for Kids – More than cute creatures

Jellyfish might have drifted across the oceans for quite a long time now. They have been in the current for so many years now, a million to be exact. This occurred even prior to the existence of dinosaurs. They can pulse on the ocean which may be abundant in warm and cold ocean water. The creatures are said to be jellylike. This may be in deep water. As a matter of fact, they may even reach the coastlines. These are the most common jellyfish facts for kids.

What else you need to know about jellyfish?

As known to many, jellyfish has a stinging cell. This is found in their tentacles. They use this so that they would stun victims. This may paralyze any prey prior to them being eaten. What is found inside their bell-shaped body is the opening towards something. Little do people know that this is actually their mouth. Using that hole, they are capable of eating and discarding waste. This is how it is utilized.

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Jellyfish will always squirt water. This is being propelled all the time. Their tentacles usually hang down from a smooth baglike body. Again, this is vital in stinging their prey. The stings are always painful. Humans are not exempted from feeling their wrath if they are to encounter them on beaches. There are even times when they are fatally dangerous. Do not get this wrong because jellyfish does not want to attack people purposely. There are just instances when they are provoked. The stings would always occur whenever people touched them accidentally. This can be mild though because there are species out there which stings are way too deadly for people.

When it comes to the digestion of food, jellyfish do this quickly. There is a reinforcement for them to perform such immediately because they are not capable of floating around if there is a large amount of undigested meal floating around their belly.

Among the food they dine are crabs, tiny plants and shrimps. They can also relish the taste of jellyfish. There are times when jellyfish is clear. However, there are those which may have color in them. The most common are vibrant colors. These are blue, yellow, pink and purple. There are instances when luminescent is also present in their appearance.

The Chinese had jellyfish for so many years now, 1,700 years to be exact. As a matter of fact, they are even considered as some sort of delicacy. They are also utilized as a part of the Chinese medicine.

There are still other interesting facts about jellyfish. First of all, there are some of them which are way bigger than humans. There are also other countries in the world which eat jellyfish. Aside from this, they also do not have any brains. They are composed of protein and water. This is their composition. There is a group of this jellyfish which is often referred to as smack. These are the features of jellyfish.

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